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Celebrating Hanukkah at Lilian’s: Indulge in Smoked Pastrami and Wagyu Brisket Stroganoff

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Welcome to Lilian’s, the newest gem in Rancho Santa Fe, where we blend the essence of California Cuisine with a touch of celebration for Hanukkah! Join us for a culinary extravaganza that showcases delightful flavors and festive offerings to mark this joyous occasion.

Celebrate Hanukkah at Lilian’s in Rancho Santa Fe

Hanukkah Specials at Lilian’s: Smoked Pastrami on Rye for Lunch

The Festival of Lights brings a special culinary treat to Lilian’s patrons! From 11am to 3pm for the next 8 days, savor our mouthwatering Smoked Pastrami on Rye, meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds. This traditional dish receives a California twist, offering a delightful harmony of flavors, textures, and aromas.

Indulge in our sumptuous smoked pastrami, served on freshly baked rye bread, paired with our homemade potato latkes that complement this classic dish. At Lilian’s, we aim to make your Hanukkah celebration a flavorful and memorable experience.

Hanukkah Delights: Wagyu Brisket Stroganoff for Dinner

As the sun sets, Lilian’s continues its Hanukkah celebration with a dinner spectacle! Join us from 5pm to 9pm and relish our exclusive Wagyu Brisket Stroganoff. Crafted with premium Wagyu beef and infused with rich flavors, this dish embodies the spirit of festivity and culinary excellence.

Our Wagyu Brisket Stroganoff is a fusion of sophistication and comfort, offering a unique twist to this traditional Hanukkah dinner. Paired with our curated wine selection or artisanal cocktails, this dish promises a delightful dining experience for you and your loved ones.

Embrace California Cuisine and Festivity

At Lilian’s, we take pride in offering an innovative blend of California Cuisine and the celebration of cultural traditions. Our dedication to crafting unique dishes that honor festivals like Hanukkah reflects our commitment to culinary excellence and diversity.

Experience the New Restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe

Lilian’s, nestled in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, invites you to embark on a culinary journey unlike any other. Our ambiance, coupled with our commitment to delivering exceptional service and delectable dishes, makes us a standout choice for those seeking the finest in California Cuisine.

Join us at Lilian’s in Rancho Santa Fe to celebrate Hanukkah with a blend of California Cuisine that captivates the senses. Indulge in our limited-time offerings of Smoked Pastrami on Rye for lunch and Wagyu Brisket Stroganoff for dinner, meticulously crafted to make your Hanukkah celebration a truly memorable one. Experience the fusion of flavors and festive spirit at our new restaurant, where culinary excellence meets cultural celebration.